Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Introduction of Teddy's Actions

I want to welcome all of you that have come here to read my personal commentaries regarding Teddy's Actions. I am Semi retired now and I have a wealth of knowledge I am willing to share with you.

There will be no responses to my blog as this is just one mans opinion and personal viewpoint only. I want to be able to help people understand many of my methods of my work and also to be able to give you important information about current products in my area of expertise.

I have worked long and hard to be able to have this kind of experience and I will answer questions when I receive an email regarding my lifes work as a Pistolsmith and we can branch off into other areas that I am familiar with.

At least 50% of my work has been for Law Enforcement in all of North America. I have worked for local, and state and federal people all with the intent of protection of life and property.



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