Friday, September 22, 2006

NAA Board - ERIC Not playing with 52 cards

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Posted on Monday, August 21, 2006 - 09:24 pm:

Hi RJ,
You ARE the one here that I admire; always trying to "Keep my nose clean"; I just hate popping in here every month or so and STILL see those (2) Asses T_j & K_q - "Tootin' their horns & Spouting their arrogant CRAP..! There's NO reason this has gone on so long... "onemoretime" will quit permanently now with a final defense for "MY Pal "RJ"..! You Sir are a fine man with the greatest integrity; and frankly an uncanny way of maintianing your dignity through the "Deepest Crap-Fest on the Board..! I truly hope that one day I can loosen up enough to just be "Proud & Honorable" in the same way you present yourself "Each & every time you make your presence known! I feel it a true privaledge to know you even if it's the Little that I do... Sir! No question "You are a good man that tries to help, & gets the worst for it despite that fact!!! It makes me sick to be on this board & I really wish that Sandy could see that this stuff "SUCKS..!"

Eric Howland
Savannah, GA.

I still Love my NAA's, but this arrogant "Bull Shit" going on for "Eternity Ad Nauseum" is even with the lowest part of the Crapper..!

RJ= Sir, I'll see you where I belong..! Sorry if my opinion & the way I express it dissapoints you, I didn't intend to do that; It's merely a "By-Product" of my disgust of this perpetual B.S. boards nonsense..!

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